Protecting Health Information. Ensuring Data Integrity.
Protecting Health Information. Ensuring Data Integrity.


  • Khaled El Emam (PhD), Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa — Senior Investigator
    Kevin Anderson, Research volunteer
    Elizabeth Jonker, Research coordinator and privacy officer
    Lamin Juwara, Post-doctoral Fellow
    Samer Kababji, Post-doctoral Fellow
    Dan Liu, Post-doctoral Fellow
    Lucy Mosquera, Affiliated Data Scientist 

  • Luk Arbuckle, Research Manager and Data Scientist
    Andrew Baker, Research analyst
    Victoria Bobicev (PhD), Visiting Professor, Technical University of Moldova
    Ann Brown, Consulting statistician
    Fida Dankar (PhD), Post doctoral Fellow, Visiting scientist
    Brian Dewar, Research assistant
    Richard Eradus, Software developer
    Aleksander Essex (PhD), Post doctoral fellow
    Hanna Farah, PhD Student
    Farzin Farhadi-Niaki, Post-doctoral Fellow
    Xin Fei, PhD student
    Kambiz Ghazinour (PhD), Post doctoral fellow
    Jun Hu, PhD student
    Romeo Issa, MSc student
    Sam Jabbouri, MSc student
    Yasser Jafer, PhD student
    Bryan Jung, summer student
    Ho-Won Jung (PhD), Visiting professor, Korea University 
    Ryan Jung, summer student
    Gunes Koru (PhD), Visiting Professor, University of Maryland
    Jesse Leeson, Data management/quality control
    Mary Lysyk, PhD student
    Ester Moher (PhD), Post doctoral fellow
    Angelica Neisa, Statistician
    Jennifer Noseworthy, Administrative assistant
    Saeed Samet (PhD), Post doctoral fellow
    Scott Sams, PhD student
    Elizabeth Sauve, Summer student
    Martin Scaiano, PhD student
    Morvarid Sehatkar, PhD Student
    Jelber Sayyad Shirabad (PhD), Researcher 
    Marina Sokolova (PhD), Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
    Matthew Tucciarone, Research programmer
    Maja van der Velden (PhD), Visiting researcher, University of Oslo
    Pauline Vengeroff, Student