A Critical Examination of Pre-and-Post HIPAA Re-Identification Risks

The re-identification of former Massachusetts Governor William Weld is discussed. An examination of what occurred, the circumstances that surrounded the attack, and the event’s implication on health information privacy are all considered. This presentation concludes with an examination of HIPAA’S efficacy in preventing re-identification attacks.

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De-Identification 101: Responsibility Releasing Data under the HIPAA Privacy Rule

In this presentation, Dr. Khaled El Emam of CHEO’s Research Institute provides a general overview of the de-identification of health data. He described how leading healthcare organization are leveraging their data and explains how the HIPAA Privacy Rule de-identification standards can be met. Finally, with the aid of several case studies, he demonstrated how data sets can be de-identified and disclosed while still retaining significant utility.

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WCHIPS Keynote Presentation: Defending the Science of De-Identification

A comprehensive study of known actual re-identfication attacks has been published by Dr. Khaled El Emam in response to recent criticisms and calls for more information on the effectiveness of de-identification methods.

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