Privacy and EHR Information Flows in Canada

Date: March 1st 2011 from 12pm to 1pm EST

Abstract:EHR systems offer enormous potential to improve Canada’s health system; however, privacy-related information governance issues must be resolved so that personal health information continues to be handled securely, confidentially and in compliance with legal and ethical standards.

This webinar will describe the work of the Canada Health Infoway-sponsored pan-Canadian Health Information Privacy (HIP) Group to resolve these issues. The HIP Group is composed of health ministry representatives from each jurisdiction. It focuses on privacy issues that emerge as EHR information moves across Canadian jurisdictions, and has developed a series of ‘common understandings’ to support such movement in an appropriate and privacy-protective manner. The common understandings address:

  • whose information handling rules apply in trans-jurisdictional EHR disclosures
  • patient notices about EHRs
  • trans-jurisdictional disclosures of EHR information for secondary use, and
  • EHR governance structures.

Speaker: Joan Roch, Canada Health Infoway

Biography: Joan Roch is Chief Privacy Strategist at Canada Health Infoway. She is responsible for ensuring that privacy is being addressed by Infoway in its work to accelerate the adoption of electronic health records across Canada. Her current focus is on information governance in the context of the EHR.

Download the slides here.

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