Over the years, EHIL has collaborated with:

Our research group does research on information technology adoption and use in healthcare. As part of this work we interact, collaborate, receive research funding from, and do consulting work for companies in the IT sector. Below is a general declaration of commercial funding sources for our lab as a whole and for specific individuals.

The Electronic Health Information Laboratory has received research funding in the form of grants and in-kind support since 2005 from the following commercial entities: Microsoft Corporation, Bell Canada, Telus, TrialStat Corporation, and Privacy Analytics Incorporated. A full list of funding sources (commercial, government, and granting agencies) is provided in the next tab.

The principal investigator, Dr. Khaled El Emam, has received funding in the form of consulting contracts or payment for services since 2005 from the following commercial entitites: QNX Software Systems (now part of RIM), TrialStat Corporation, the Cutter Consortium, and Privacy Analytics Incorporated.

Funding Sponsors

EHIL has received funding from the following sponsors (in no particular order):